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Director Education and Corporate Governance Consulting

As the financial services industry becomes more complex, both regulators and stockholders are demanding more active and knowledgeable involvement from directors. Best practices research reveals that the most important attribute a director can demonstrate is a desire to learn.

Seminars in our director education series include:

  • The Role of the Modern Director
  • Case Studies in Governance
  • Directors Key Performance Indicators
  • Directors and Planning
  • Strategic Governance of Financial Institutions
  • Staying Relevant in a Changing World
  • Customer Relationships as a Strategic Decision
  • What Is Your Value Proposition?
  • The 10 Essentials of Governance
  • Board Evaluations - The Right Way and The Wrong Way
  • Directors and Human Resources Leadership
  • Next Generation Corporate Governance

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As the financial services industry becomes more complex it is essential that a board is effective, vital and active in the governance of the institution. Excellence in governance is a common factor among institutions considered as "superior performers." 

  • We can help your board achieve a standard of governance that meets or exceeds both the current requirements of regulatory agencies and the current expectations of stockholders.
  • We can ensure that your institutions governance optimizes the skills and time commitment of individual directors, while encouraging active and knowledgeable participation from all board members.

Please note that we do not offer open-enrollment programs. Our programs are implemented in-house for our financial institution clients.

However, the highly regarded trade association Western Independent Bankers does sponsor a number of our programs which allows individual participants to register. Information on these programs can be found at