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Effective Strategic Planning

Strategic Management for Non-Financial Managers

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The pace of evolution in today's financial services industry calls for exceptional training strategies.

It is our philosophy that management development training should be designed to both improve skills and performance and to foster a strategic management culture which provides a commonality of purpose throughout all levels of the institution. True strategic management provides tremendous competitive advantage by ensuring that all management decisions are made in accordance with organizational objectives. We call this process perspective-based training. It forces participants to look beyond their own specialized areas to consider what is best for the institution and it is an essential component of true enterprise risk management.

Programs include:

  • Strategic Management of Financial Institutions
  • Strategic Management for Non-Financial Managers
  • Effective Strategic Planning
  • Keeping Your Bank Relevant in a Changing World
  • What is Your Value Proposition

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Please note that we do not offer open-enrollment programs. Our programs are implemented in-house for our financial institution clients as well as within the prestigious Community Bankers School.